Take a driver knowledge test online

Take a driver knowledge test online

Use this website to pay for and take an online driver knowledge test. You can pay for and take the test at the same time, or pay in advance and log in later with an access code to take the test.

What you'll need

To take your test online you'll need a:

You can't complete the test using:

How the test works

Your web camera will snap photos of you at the start and throughout your test. These photos will capture the test taker's identity and ensure everyone is following the guidelines listed below.

Before you start

Read through the do’s and don’ts below

Be sure you understand the rules and avoid having your test results delayed by a test review. Your passing grade could be overturned if a review can’t confirm you completed the test without help.

Take a sample test

Once you are ready to begin your test, you’ll have the option to take a sample test and get a feel for the testing procedure. Otherwise, you can start your web camera and begin your test.

If you don’t pass

You’ll need to purchase a retest for a test you didn't pass. Try again whenever you're ready, there's no waiting period to retake a test.

If you purchased a test bundle with more than one test:

Select the retest from the retest product page

Dos and don'ts of taking the test



Tips for avoiding test result delays caused by a review:

Take Full Test Retake Test(s) Login with Access Code

How we're protecting your information

When you take a driver knowledge test online your personal information is collected as allowed by the Motor Vehicle Act and the Freedom of Information Act and Protection of Privacy Act.

We will collect personal information including:

We will use this personal information to administer/process your test, ensure the validity of your result and confirm your identity when you obtain your licence.

Your personal information will only be used or disclosed for another purpose if:

To read more about how government respects your privacy when interacting with us review our full Privacy Statement. For questions about how your personal information is handled in relation to this event, you may contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles at 1-800-898-7668.

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